Microsoft Research

Hewlett-Packard Labs

Microsoft Research Cambridge | 2006
This project was initiated by Peter Bagnell during his 3 month internship at Microsoft Research. Peter's PhD research project focused on creating simple to use technology for the elderly, this project focusing on written communication.

The final project created a digital application that ran on a tablet PC and used a mixture of natural user interaction methods such as handwriting and drag and drop gestures.
Visual Design | Rachel Eardley
Interaction Design | Peter Bagnell & Rachel Eardley
Project Management & Software Development | Peter Bagnell
Other Members | Abigail Sellen & Richard Harper
Overview of the User Interface
Created using Adobe Illustrator
Created using Adobe Illustrator
There are two types of notes, one created locally on the NoticeBoard and one that is sent to the NoticeBoard. The note that has been sent to the NoticeBoard can be either sent via another NoticeBoard or from a mobile phone as a txt message.

Interaction design details
Created using Adobe Illustrator