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Augmented Fridge Magnets
Microsoft Research Cambridge | 2005
This project on augmented fridge magnets evolved from an ethnographic investigation of home life and the usage of refrigerator surfaces. For this particular concept initiated by Alex Taylor and myself, the team adopted the design philosophy of less is more. Using the idea that functionally rich solutions could be created by designing simple fridge magnet modules which when combined could potentially create more complex functionality.

Eardley, R. Swan, L. Sellen, A. Taylor, A. Hodges, S. Wood, K. and Williams, L. (2005) ‘Designing Augmented Refridgerator Magnets’, Proceedings of Ubicomp 2005, Tokyo , Japan.
Product & Interaction Design | Rachel Eardley
Ethnographic Research | Laurel Swan & Alex Taylor
Hardware Development | Lyndsay Williams & Steve Hodges
Other Members | Abigail Sellen & Ken Wood
Illustrations of the fridge magnet modules
Created using Hand sketching & Adobe Photoshop
Rachel Eardley - Magnets Rachel Eardley - Magnets
The poster presented at Ubicomp 2005, Tokyo , Japan.
Created using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Rachel Eardley - UbiComp Poster